Compatibility AC180 with PV350

Hi all I’m new to this game and not sure if the Bluetti AC180 is compatible with the Bluetti PV350 panels the short circuit current (isc) is 10.8A but it does say the current at max power (imp) is 9.2A, will this combo work
Thanks Shane

Hi @Shaner

DC Input for AC180 is the following:

500W/10A Max.

As long you stay in this Paramters, there shouldnt be any problem. For Solarpanels the “VOC” is the important value. If you ever connect more than 60 Voc you may kill your mppt.

Regarding the PV350, you can connect one of theese Panels without issue. It have a voc of 46,5 V and max current of 10,8 A. So its work perfectly



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