Communication with my AC500 is down

I can only check power in/out through touchscreen.

Hi. Meaning you wifi & Bluetooth are not connecting for the app? Can you provide more details? If no wifi check your router is powered and working then check you wifi connection has the right settings in the app. Go to My Devices on the app and tap on 3 dots on the top right of the device and select “Reconfigure Wifi” to see what your settings are. Also ensure wifi and Bluetooth are enabled on the the device by checking the touch screen.

I had to reboot the AC500 to get it to connect again. Both Bluetooth and Cloud were down.
The other day I had to reboot to make the touchscreen turn off.

I sure hope it’s just updates that are making me reboot, and not equipment problems. Bluetti seems to like doing stealth updates.

@St8kout Normally, we will not operate anything on your AC500 unless we get your consent, such as firmware upgrade. Could you please provide me with the SN and firmware versions and I can check more details?

Sorry, maybe I’m confusing App updates with firmware updates.
This should have all the info:

Annnnnnd my Bluetooth went out again. Touchscreen says it’s disconnected.
Cooking dinner at the moment so I can’t do another reboot yet. I’ll wait and see if wifi also goes down again. Sigh.

Rebooted and Bluetooth came back on.
Not as hard to reboot at night as I don’t have to first unplug 5 sets of solar panels.
I hope there’s a fix soon in my future.

@St8kout We sent a firmware to you. Please try to update the firmware. After upgrading the IOT firmware, you need to reconfigure the network and turn off the WiFi on the screen, then turn it on again.