Combining solar generators

I have an eb70 and ac200p in my RV. I have a bluesea fusebox. Presently I have the ac200p via the 10 amp cig lighter cord connected to the pos and neg terminals of the fusebox for DC power . Can I also now run a similar 10 amp cig lighter cord to the same terminals from the eb70?. Most of the time only one of them is on but occasionally maybe I may forget and have both attached. (If you are wondering why I use two generators it is because I mainly use my ac200p for the AC power and the eb70 because it has lower parasitic draw will always be on for the DC lights and fan. Also, in case you are wondering, presently I don’t need the 25 amp output so that is why just the ac200p cig lighter 10 amp)

Hi @gmcarlmrnet , Replies from relevant engineer based on your question:
both are connected to the 12-volt interface then is possible. But their voltage is not the same, can not be connected in parallel, you need to connect a diode or resistor. But it is not recommended to do so, because the voltage is not the same, there will be the phenomenon of firing.