Clear up my confusion....plz

So I’m thinking about ordering the bluetti 120w panels. Everyone seems to like them but I will go with Acopower or Aiper if have to in order to receive panels in timely manner.

However I already am waiting on extra cables, which I see on their site now say they are sold out (none said that when I ordered), found out later via email when I asked for order status that they would be delayed until February.

I wanted to call sales to ask about panels availability. I look at the bottom of Buetti page and it just has Service contact number (which by the way when did Denver move to the Pacific time zone??).

Is it Maxoak I need to find a contact number to ask about product availability?

Is Maxoak Bluetti an American company sourcing from China or Chinese company?


Ok Maxoak says they are US company located in California (where exactly not sure).

Maxoak doesn’t seem to have a phone number for customer service, just email for contact. So I sent an email. I would prefer to work with the company but it is like pulling teeth.

Hasn’t this company been in business for awhile?

Send an e-mail to and “Attention Mark Yue”. He can give you some information regarding current panel availability.

I love the build quality of the Bluetti 120 panels and they fold up to a small size but still weigh a few lbs more that they appear to. Not a bad thing as the lbs are quality materials. The Bluetti site is currently showing a price of $309.99 and at that price I would recommend them as my first choice if they are available. Bluetti subcontracts the pick and ship operation and that adds some delay as do the pick up schedules of UPS. If in stock it generally takes a full week to ship after the shipping label is printed and the number of days for transit depending on where you are located in the US.

Acopower panels give you the same performance but they are thinner and are slightly larger overall size because they are tri-fold rather than quad fold like the Bluetti. Acopower panels are almost always available and ship from the US fairly quickly. They sometimes go on sale but it is not common.

I would recommend the Aiper 160 panels only if you are comfortable making your own 10 foot XT60 to MC4 cables to replace the 5525 to XT60 cables they come with. Also would buy if they were again $199 and not the $399 current price. They too were sold out last time I checked.


Thanks @Scott-Benson just sent the email. I also noticed the price which is why I want to get it done and off my list. I would have preferred another brick but there seems to be no eta fot the adapter.

I think you will love the Bluetti Panels. They are plug and play and very durable. I set up four with my AC200 over thanksgiving and was able to get 400 watts of input out of the four panels which is great for that time of year.

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Ordered 2. Hoping to get 170-200 to help speed up recharging. Going to have to work on strengthening these ol muscles since I will have to move the AC200P to the garage each time want to recharge. This will be the last piece for now (until AC adapter becomes available again) to complete my goal of having solar backup for emergencies and semi-portable (for me). Also liked idea of plug and play, less to worry about in an emergency.

Also plan to use small 2000w lpg gennie to recharge during day if limited to no sun.

Maybe somewhere down the road get a baby yoda :smiley: to go with Yoda.

Now I need to order a new MC4 kit so I can get that tool to help me disconnect when ready to put the panels away.