Clear errors via the app

It would great to have a feature that allows you to clear the errors via the Bluetti app, therefore allow the user to reset the unit into a workable state remotely.

Working example: running a AC300 in UPS mode, grid power fail occurs. Sometime the AC300 will throw an AC Relay error when grid power returns. All the user needs to do is clear the error to get power to the loads… however you can only do this from the AC300 unit which is an issue if you’re not with the AC300 unit.


Hi @twister36 , sorry for late reply.
Thank you very much for providing this suggestion. We will submit it to the APP development department.


Anyone know of a remote workaround option while we wait for the app?

My setup is about 30 minutes away and I keep getting “Multi-machine configuration abnormal” intermittent errors that make it impossible to remotely enable my well-pump as intended.

Hey Eric - reboot your machines. This happens if the system get an update and didn’t restart after. I was experiencing this for awhile as well and that resolved my issue

@BLUETTI @twister36
Is there any progress to allow us to clear these Grid relay Error codes via the App? This option is CRUCIAL in certain situations when away from the AC300.

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@BLUETTI I’d like to see this feature as well.