Class A RV Solar Upgrade

I’m evaluating options to replace my Class A RV power system. This would include replacing

Is there a way to do the following

  • Connect a Bluetti device to the RV house power distribution 12V and 120V
  • Charge the Bluetti with the RV generator as needed
  • Charge the Bluetti with Solar panels mounted on the roof of the RV
  • Charge Bluetti with Alternator

What am I missing?

I’m looking at Bluetti and EcoFlow solutions at this point.

I’ve looked at a totally component based solution, that is beyond my technical ability.

I need about 2000wH of capacity
I run two air conditioners, so I have big surges to start those.
I have a residential fridge

No other big power consumers

My first thought is that if you are running two air conditioners you are going to need many times greater than 2,000 watt hours of capacity unless you will be running the gas generator when running the AC.

Yes to all questions. We are doing all but DC-DC charging. Not worth it with 1750W of solar on the roof.
In a nutshell, we connected the RV Plug input to the AC300 input and then the AC300 30A output to the RV mains and the 12V out put to the RV 12V. Basically the RV is always running off the AC300. Shore power and solar charge. When we rarely use the generator, we just plug in via the RV shore power connection.
We also have a way to bypass the AC300 and run just from shore power.