Class A Motorhome boondocking using AC300/B300/PV350

I have just purchased an AC300/B300/PV350 system to help with power when boondocking my Class A 28 ft. RV for 1 or 2 days. Currently my fridge can run on propane. I want to be able to use TV streaming, lights, coffee maker, and air fryer/oven at different times during the day. Will the one B300 be enough? Plan to add a second and possibly third PV350 to increase charging turnaround. Can I just plug in directly to my shore power outlet with the AC300 and monitor usage with the app to ensure enough power is available? As you can tell I am a newbie here trying to figure out this amazing world of solar combined by Bluetti! Thanks in advance for any constructive comments.

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  1. Whether the battery pack is sufficient depends on how long your device is used and the power of the load.
  2. It can be recharged by shore power. the AC300 also has an app to monitor device usage.

I can have my AC300 plugged into my RV shore power running items in the RV and at the same time have my solar panels connected and recharging the B300 right? Can I have the B300 also plugged into a 30 amp outlet recharging from both that and the solar panels, all while plugged in and running RV power?


B300 through 30A socket, AC or DC? DC is no problem, but AC needs an adapter.

I guess I missed a connection here. I should have said the following in my second line. Can I have the AC300 plugged into a 30 amp campground power totem at the same time it is powering the RV? I would be powering my RV from the AC300 and recharging the B300 with solar and the 30 amp hookup to the AC300.

If I follow you correctly you want to charge the 300 from the pedestal while the RV is plugged into the 300 with solar? If this is the case you will need to trip the breaker for your converter so you don’t cause a loop.

With my RV I ran a permanent 30 amp cable under my motor home that runs from the compartment where my factory cable is to the compartment where my AC200l is. I plug my factory cable into the cable I ran that plugs into the 200 to run my RV if I’m boondockin or running the fridge as I’m traveling. I also have 400w of cigs panels and a victron voltage converter to charge.

Are you trying to charge the AC300 + B300 with solar panels and then power the RV with the 30A output from the AC300? This is no problem.

Yes to want to charge the AC300 and B300 with solar panels and then power the RV with the 30A output from the AC300. In addition I wanted to circle around and plug the AC300/B300 combo into a 30A campsite power pedestal if available to charge up both and keep them charged up ready to go when I leave campground. If there is no pedestal then I would just do the recharge and powering while using the solar panels.