Cigarette plug overheating DC Charging Enhancer (D050S)

Metalwork in the cigarette lighter plug has recently become untouchably hot when connected to the DC Charging Enhancer and has twice blown the car’s 20A fuses on two different sockets. This has happened with two different cables, yet it worked fine for months.

Any suggestions for what has gone wrong? Nothing else has changed and it has only ever been connected to my AC200MAX.

@Rod10 Are you connecting while driving? If so, it may be because the road is bumpy during driving, which may easily cause poor contact and cause overheating.

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Check the little spring inside the plug tip. They can collapse from use and heat which will then cause a poor connection and even more heat, enough to burn your finger. I just had that happen on one of my plugs and found that the spring had completely collapsed and couldn’t return to its normal length.

I do use it while driving and it is designed for this. Of note, it has only become problematic in recent weeks, having worked flawlessly for months. In addition, it has done so with two different leads, using two different 12v sockets, leading me to think this is a problem with the unit itself.