Cigarette DC plug voltage

I am using an aftermarket DC plug and measured the voltage with a multimeter and it only puts out 2.4 volts? I have checked my Bluetti supplied cig plug and it puts out 12 volts. The only thing I can think is the aftermarket plug has an led lamp and a resistor that draws a couple of milliamps or that the regulated dc plug circuitry is restricting the voltage? Help please!

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Check the aftermarket plug resistance from the input to the output side with an Ohm Meter. Another possibility is that it is a poor quality plug and the dimensions are not right. Have you checked it in your car cigarette lighter plug?

Hi Ben: First off thanks for your help and suggestions. I tried it in the car and sure enough 12 volts. The plug is plenty big enough I could hardly remove it from the car. The one odd thing is that the led light in the cig plug didn’t light plugged into the car. I have an ohm meter but do I have to take the cig plug apart to check the resistance? Thanks again for the help.

I have an adaptor that has two wires on the output, so I am able to check it. Maybe your adaptor is different. It is possible that it is just a cheap aftermarket product. Mine is cheap, but at least it works.

Hi Ben sorry for the tardy reply. I’ve contacted Bluetti. I checked the output with the bluetti cig plug and it puts out 12 volts. I have the cig plug with the 2 ring connector ends and 10 awg wire but I have to think it’s the led light and resistor in the circuit? Thanks again for the help.

It sounds like it is just a bad connection or connector. LED’s typically draw 10 to 20mA. It should have no effect. The Cigarette lighter output is 12V at 9A. Maybe something is loose inside your adaptor. I am not sure about yours, but some of them have internal fuses.