Cigarette 12v output not functioning

I’m not able to power anything from the 12V Cigarette plug. I did check to make sure the DC Power was selected and lit up but nothing powers up. Tried charging my GPS Radio and a 12v inflator. Is there a special trick I’m missing? any fuse I can replace?

No special tricks and no fuse that can be replaced, if the green DC light is on it should work. The only thing I can think of is that the device plugs aren’t going all the way in so the positive isn’t making a connection. Have you tested the AC50’s 12v receptacle with a volt meter to make sure its dead?

The 12 volt tire inflator may have overloaded the output capacity of the plug depending on the current requirements of the inflator. If that is the case , turn the AC50 off by pressing the button for five seconds, restart and see if that solved the issue.