Cheaper alternative to bluetti portable solar panel

Hi all,
I’m brand new to solar. I just received my EB55 and I’m overwhelmed with all the different portable solar panel choices. Can someone recommend a good portable panel to pair with the EB55? It will be used for camping mainly.

I’m leaning towards the BougeRV or Acopower 120w suitcases

Thank you!

The Bluetti 120’s will pop up on Amazon’s lighting deals quite often for around $250, Just snagged a PV120 a few days ago and its excellent. Light weight an a very small form factor when folded if that’s important to you.

How many watts can you get in ideal and not ideal conditions?

Also how do you like the stand? Is it easy to setup and move around? Does it get blown over in a little wind?

I own four of the Acopower 120 watt and four of the Bluetti 120 watt panels. The Bluetti panels are sturdier and a little heavier but both are great quality. They both generate from 110 to 0 watts depending on the conditions. The biggest difference is that the Acopower panels are thinner and lighter if storage space is a big issue. The Bluetti panels still store well but are a little heavier. Overall dollar for dollar, I would recommend the the Bluetti panel. If one was significantly less expensive at the time, I would recommend the lower cost since they perform very similarly unless sturdiness was the primary decision factor and then I would go with the Bluetti all the time.

Keep in mind that when connecting to the EB55 the maximim you will ever see solar charging is around 160 to 165 watts regardless of panel due to the amperage input limit. If you connect two 120 watt panels in parallel to the EB55 you will max out at 165 no matter what the panel or configuration.

So far have only tested it once and got around 90 watts (75%) with a high thin cloud cover towards the end of the day. I thought that was pretty good as most of my other panels will only do 75% in clear conditions. Stands are good and easy to set up but would likely blow over in the wind like most other portables.

Thanks for the info guys

112 watts full sun with my Xtar SP 100 with full sun. I use it with my EB 70S.

Thank you. I like how that only two panels and the stand is adjustable. How do you like the stand?

Stand is fine, they are all about the same. 2 panels vs 4 is the ticket for stability

You can always knock-up a small light-weight wooden frame as well for these kind of portable solar-panels, if you want more stability and wind resistance etc.

Appreciate the input all!

Does anyone have any good or bad feedback on the BougeRV 120W 12V Mono Foldable Solar Panel? That is what I was leaning towards before reaching out. I like the design of that one.#

I was in same dilema, and after looking at so many brand at the end I ended up with PV200 for it, might as well get same brand and not have issues or trying to figure what will work with it.