Charging with solar panels

Does the AC200P protect itself in the solar panel charging mode after reaching full charge? My concern is leaving the unit charging when unattended.

Welcome. It should as when charging with 400 watts it shuts down when full.

The AC200 as will as almost any “Sogen” will, shut off incoming charging current when it reaches full battery charge. There is no danger of overcharging in any charging mode.

Thanks for the good news! I’m sensitive to this issue since installing 3x100w panels. I had them connected to my Kodiak as a test load and it didn’t like it and shut down after several hours. I had to reset the unit with a power supply plugged into one of the DC outputs. Thanks again! RickM

So I found a panel by Trina solar that puts out 410 W and it is 41.7 V. Is it correct to assume that this single panel will be enough to charge the unit? Since it’s at 41.7 V? Or is that dangerous in someway?

Assuming you are referring to charging the AC200(P) with the 410 watt panel, you should be fine. You could even get a pair and connect them in series and get close to the 700 watt max charge rate. The only thing you want to watch is that the amperage does not exceed 12 amps (which would limit you from being able to receive the full wattage if it was over 12 amps) and in you case I would think the max amperage would be around a little under 10 amps so you should be fine. If you run two panels, your voltage will double (still under the 150V limit) and you will still remain at 10 amps or less.

In real world ideal sun conditions even with two panels you will most likely see 600 to 625 watts charging rate which would be a good match for the AC200.