Charging with solar panel

does the bluetti ac200 p have to be switched on in order to be charged using the solar panel?

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Hi @spitzmauer53 , welcome to BLUETTI community.
AC200P supports plug and play charging: it will start charging automatically after connecting the solar panel to the product even it is off status.


There is a caution however…since the AC200 does turn on when it senses charge, but does not turn off when the charge stops, you are best to fully turn off the unit **
** unplug the solar panels if you will not be using it or will not be checking it regularly. You run the danger of the aC200 consuming more power than it receives from a panel if you have a lot of clouds or shade. When that happens the AC200 will drain itself to a point where it cannot be recharged. I have done this several times and didn’t understand the importance of fully turning off the unit (keep the button depressed for 5+ seconds) Bluetti admin you don’t help us by not giving enough details of what can happen.