Charging with over 700 watts into solar imput

If, theoretically I was to input over 700 watts, between 35 and 150 volts, from an external battery pack into the solar port, would the unit shut down or only allow 700 watts to enter, just as it limits the amperage to 12 regardless of the amps available?

As long as your within the 35-150v/12a max at your input, over paneling should not be a problem whatsoever.

Assuming we are referring the the AC200 (P) series, the unit will clamp the flow of incoming charging watts at 700. No shut down will occur but any wattage over 700 will be inputted just as the amperage is limited to 12 regardless of the available amount.

Got it, thanks.I kind of thought there was no reason to limit the amperage, as the unit (AC200P) draws up to a max of 12 amps, as you said. In other words, as long as the voltage is between 35 and 150 volts, amperage on PV input can be unlimited and the unit will max out at taking in12 amps.
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