Charging with AC into Solar input port

On rare occasions I might want to charge my EB200P with 2 AC chargers.
Can I use any DC input into the solar input as long as it falls within the parameters of 145v max and 15a max?
For example, could I use a truck battery charger __ 24v, 350w, 14.5a ? or
an LED transformer with the same V, W & A

You can use a second AC power brick connected to the DC (solar) input of your EB200P. Or…you can use any source of DC power that meets the voltage requirements if connected to the DC input socket.

Hi Scott.
Yeah, I don’t want to use a second brick because I don’t want to spend that much for something I’d only be using very occasionally, plus I don’t want 1000w total because I’d be using a 1000w petrol generator and wouldn’t want to be maxing it out for hours