Charging while using the fusion box

I don’t understand the manual!
Can I charge both batteries while connected with fusion box?

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Thank you for asking.
I’m sorry that you can’t charge both batteries while connected with fusion box.

Can you charge one battery?
Can you charger via solar?

I doubt that Bluetti’s answer is correct. According to the manual a special charging cable is required to be sure you charge from both L1 and L2.

“Please use the Fusion AC Input Cable(Optional Purchase) to charge both of your
power stations in Split Phase System”

Charging from solar (DC) should be fine.

I cant find the optional cable on the Bluetti site.
Charging from grid is pretty minor. Solar charging is what I’m planning.

I read both Fusion Box and Pro manuals. The manual is only warning about AC charging from grid (with the included EP500 or Pro cables). Charging via DC/solar is not covered in the manual, but would be perfectly allowed.

Now, if you do need to charge from the grid, a cable such as “Conntek YL1430520S 30 4 Prong to 15/20 Amp Generator Y-Adapter” on Amazon is great. Or " AC WORKS 4-Prong 220-Volt Plug to 120-Volt 15/ 20Amp Household Female Adapter Cord (4-Prong Dryer Outlet to (4) Household W/Breaker)" - provided you plug in only on opposite sides (tape/cover one outlet on each side to prevent issues).

I’m confused! Not unusual!
So you plug the l14 30 4 prong into the fusion box and then what?

I have the cord! Now I have to get the courage!

I charged one battery with the T500. It all worked as advertised!

Ok, got the cable. One end is a 4 prong L14-30. This end plugs into the fusion box. The other end of this cable splits into two 120 volt female plugs.
How do I get into my wall outlet?
Do I cut the female end off and replace it with a 15 amp male plug?
That’s would be a suicide plug!

Whoa!!! Don’t do that! The fusion box is an OUTPUT device, don’t plug that into the wall or the Bluetti inputs! You will damage your units and cause fire or death!

Which cable did you purchase? If you are trying to INPUT power into your EPs you must use an outlet from your house that provides 240v (L14-30s mentioned above – male plug into the home) and split the phases (L1 to one unit and L2 to the other and ONLY using the supplied INPUT cables to the units). If you don’t really understand this concept, please don’t use the cables.

All cables are not alike, so don’t use any adapters, or modify any cables, etc. Also you must be careful which outlet you plug into on the cable, again you MUST split L1 and L2 to each EP, else you will destroy the EPs. If you plug one unit into the wall and another to this cable, that’s also dangerous to the units. In other words, you must exercise extreme caution.

I’m not sure we understand your use case. It probably doesn’t make sense to charge the EPs while you are supplying power to the fusion box in the first place (unless you are using 240v outlets for UPS functionality or using input of solar/DC).

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All I want to do is charge both ep 500s with grid power without disconnecting the fusion box.
While the 500 s are currently connected to two separate 1200 watt arrays,I’d like the ability to charge on a cloudy day!
The manual hints there is a way to do this but is low on just how to do it!
Some here say you need a special cable but they seem to think backfeeding thru the L14-30 is the way to do this but the cable they say makes this possible will not work!
So again, I just want an alternate charging method without disconnecting the fusion box.
I can use two t-500 but that requires using the PV input which means it’s either t-500 or solar but not both.
It’s because the back feeding thru the L14-30 didn’t make sense I’ve asked for clarification. Even if I wanted to, the method is not possible with the cable suggested!
If you have a way, I’d love to here it!

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I understand what’s needed. My confusion comes from your post with the recommendation of what cable. You did not mention that you also must have a 240 volt source!
But I ordered the proper cable from Bluetti but the one they sent will no fit the 500!
But I understand what you were saying and the cable you suggested should work…….connected to the 50 with the Bluetti supplied cables for the ac