Charging two AC200s with one solar array?

I have two AC200s in a vehicle with 640w on the roof. My intention is to connect both AC200s to a device that would efficiently distribute the incoming electricity from the panels. Does a cost effective device exist that would serve this purpose? Maybe an A/B toggle switch? I am currently plugging and unplugging in the MC4 connectors from one batter to the other.

Thanks for your help!

You could rig a marine dual battery switch and attach short MC4 cables to the battery switch that would then allow the MC4 connectors from your panels to snap into the switch. you could also direct wire without the MC4 connections if preferred. The

Those only switch one lead, typically positive. How would the negative be handled? Another switch?

@Scott-Benson Thanks for taking the time to reply. Eric brings up a good point. How would you suggest wiring this switch when it’s mean to only switch the positive lead? Is one switch for the positive and one switch for the negative the solution?

I would connect the two negatives together. Only the positives would need to be switched the same as a dual vehicle battery.