Charging the Bluetti Battery with 2 Inputs

Hey Guys

I am trying to see if it is possible to charge my Bluetti Eb70 with 2 Inputs
One if the Inputs is a solar panel and the other is the vehicle cigarette lighter
I went online and found a y splitter for DC7909 but when I connect the cigarette light with adapter to
Bluetti it works fine, but when I connect the solar panel to the adapter as well it pops the 15amp fuse on the vehicle
fs there a device/Accesories that will allow me to charge the Bluetti with 2 inputs.

Thank you

Not a good idea. If you are feeding solar at raw voltage it will feed back into your car circuit which is probably why the fuse blows. The DC input of the Bluetti is either solar OR cig plug from car, not both at the same time.


I’d ditch trying to charge it through the 12V DC cigarette plug and get a DC-DC charger that is able to charge it more than the 100 W a 12V port will allow. Here’s a link to a video showing use of the Pecron 1245 utilizing MC4 connectors to charge several different solar generators