Charging question

I have two solar arrays connected to DC1 and DC2 on the AC500.
I was just reading that the B300s can be charged separately from the AC500, and it came with an MC4 connector cable.
What is not mentioned in the manual is if the B300s can be charged while plugged into the ac500 while IT’S also charging through DC1 and DC2. In other words, have solar charging to BOTH the ac500 AND the B300s at the same time.
As I understand it, each PV input has it’s own MPPT charge controller, 2 on the ac500 and 1 on the B300s. So each MPPT will be supplying charging current to the battery. So that shouldn’t cause a problem, right? Each of the 3 inputs separately will be under the 150v, 1500 watt limit per MPPT.

@St8kout After confirming with technical support, the answer to both of your questions is yes, as follows.

  1. B300s can be charged while plugged into the ac500 while it’s also charging through DC1 and DC2.
  2. Regarding on MPPT, yes, would not cause a problem. No worries

Thanks. I couldn’t get the B300s to accept the charge from 2 -12v 100 AH Lipo batteries. It turned the B300s on when I plugged in the supplied cable, but nothing was happening. I then hooked the batteries up to DC1 of the AC500 and THEN it worked (drawing 102 Watts @ 12.7 volts.).
Going back over the manual I found the footnote that you can only directly charge the B300s through the optional DO5OS enhancer gadget. It’s always something. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

@St8kout It is able to charge. Just connect the B300S to charge, AC500 is not to show the charging wattage