charging problems new unit

just purchased AC300 and B300 kit am having trouble charging phone via the wireless charging it recognises the S8 is there starts to charge then stops I also tryed charging the unit via a 160watt solar panel that had a built in mpt connected via Anderson plug to mc4 that didn’t register a charge so tryed a 250watt solar panel again with its own controller connected via Anderson plug to mc4 and still no charge was showing its 2 days old this unit and am thinking I may have a faulty unit somehow or I’m missing something am also wondering if the home installation kit is available to use in Australia aa would like to connect this to my current solar setup

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  1. Please check if the PV mode is “ON”.
  2. Please check if you can charge AC300+B300 via car and AC. If yes, the solar charging cable of the AC300 may be defective. You can try another cable to test it.

the pv light was flickering on an of when I had the 160 watt panel on it with around 13v going through it hence why I tryed a 250 watt panel on a different day and it never registered anything above 7v on the dc linput it charges fine from 240v wall socket on grid but if I try my generator it shows 249v going in battery was at 64% and it never showed charging at all either so I’ll try the car charging and go from there this should be plug and play not plug and pray

so i tried cgharging via the 12v on my car it showed pv connected dc input as 12.9 v but it showed 0 watts when it was idleling at 900 rpm and on the odd occasion when the engine was at 3000 rpm 3 wats for a few secounds then it went to 0 again the battery was at 86% when i ran the the test i would assume that the watts should be hihger i dont have any other cables to check this with as its a new system that is now 9 days old and i still have not heard anything back from bluetti in regards to these problems i am having regarding charging the unit the unit will charge from ac quite fine , i also tryed charging through ac from my 3.5kw pure sine petrol genearator connected to the ac plug it showed 249.9 volts cannected at the ac input but again it did not show any output in watts so i am really at a loss as to how i charge this thing off grid so any other help would be appricated as i invested in this unit for its off grid potential

@aarecruit Did you check the UPS setting? You can try to restore the factory setting.

Did you check the UPS setting? What setting are you refering to

@aarecruit According to the description, the problems are as below:

  1. Can’t charge your phone by wireless charging.
    Please remove the case of the phone and make sure you have placed the phone right in the middle of the wireless charging pad
  2. Can’t charge AC300+B300 with solar panels.
    Please make sure that the “PV Parallel Enable” is OFF;
    Please make sure that the open circuit voltage of the solar panel is in the range of 12-150V.
  3. Can’t charge AC300+B300 with your generator.
    Could you please provide me with the specification of your generator, then I can check with our technician.
  • There was no case on it and it was in the middle of the charge area tryed both areas where you can charge from
    same result it would stop charging the phone
  • this was the first one i tried
    and the 2 days later i purchased this one and tried it
    A Rough Country 260w Foldable Solar Panel Kit—RCSPF260/p/EL33886
  • the generator i have is
    Pure Sine Wave
    Max power: 3500 W
    Rated power: 3200 W
    Engine: 224cc 7.5HP
    Amps 13.3 A
    kVA 4 kVA
    Power factor 0.8
    Pure sine wave THD≤5%
    pluged into the cabkle that is suppleied to plug into the wall for grid ac power so unless yopu cannot charge the AU version of the Bluettie AC300 with same cable tyhat plugs into thw wall then i have no ida as to me there both providing 240 vaults fromn the same oulet socket only diffrence is one is from grid the other is from generator
    the 4th option i tried is from my 4wheel drive 12 vault socket again it showd dc input as 12.9v input adn on the odd occasion for a few secounds 3 watts would be supplied if i ran the engine at 3000rpm but i have to recheck it again and make sure that for dc1 trhe pv option is set to other apart from that yeah i have no frigen clue as to me this should be all plug and play im not an electician and have no idea what is going on even afgter reading tyhe manual its not very clear andf no one from bluetti has even contacted me regarding whetrer i need to purchse diffentr cables such as this DC Charging Enhancer (D050S) or even if i cna get the home installatiion kit in auustralia seriosly frustrated at how no intuitive this device is and lack of support from bluetti itself

I’ll get to the solar issue, but please, use punctuation, and separate the various issues you’d like to discuss into paragraphs or something. I am having to read through your posts multiple times to figure out what you’re saying.

Regarding the solar charging, I looked up the 260 watt solar panel you provided the link to and I see why you’re having trouble with that. That panel has a built-in PWM charge controller. However, the AC300 has it’s own MPPT charge controller. It is not possible to connect a charge controller to another charge controller. Basically, the AC300 needs to be directly connected to the actual solar panel output, not the included PWM charge controller. Is it possible for you to bypass the charge controller included with your solar panel?

For the car charging, when you connected to your car’s 12 volt outlet did you change the input source to “Others” instead of “PV”? If not then try that with car charging (also make sure to use “PV” when connecting to a solar panel).

Regarding the generator, it does state that it is a true sinewave output, so you should be able to plug your AC300 directly into an outlet on the generator. My AC300 is a 120 volt USA version, but I would think the 15 amp output on your generator would be appropriate for the default charge rate on your AC300, but maybe check that it’s not wanting to take more than 15 amps? Also, the generator seems to have a display of the frequency of the AC output, so verify that the generator frequency is matched to your AC300 (even better info, this is from the user manual: Voltage limit: 85-110VAC/JP(100VAC), 102-132VAC/US(120VAC), 207-253VAC/EU/UK/AU. Frequency limit: 47Hz-53Hz(50Hz),57Hz-63Hz(60Hz))

A thought about the wireless phone charging. I have a Samsung S22, and there are a number of settings for wireless charging. Check on your S8 and see if there are settings for “fast” or “high speed” wireless charging, these may not be ON by default. I’ll attach a screen shot of the settings on my phone, there area few that can be turned on. I believe that the “fast” charging options also affect the wireless charging.

  • Thanks For that i realizeed after re reading the manual that i needed a solar panel without its own controller and i sourced a 160watt solar panel and connected it directly to the AC300 and it showed 110 Watts in the charging dispplay so that solved that issue so im looking at 3x400w pannels to connect via series to charge it.

  • As for the phone ill check the settings on it and hopefully that resolves the issue as well.

  • As for the generator im not sure all i know is i can plug my fridge and freezer in it and it will run so i was assuming that if i used the cable that was supplied for AC it would also work but it only showed the voltage going in on the ac input but no charge on the output panel the amp of the generator is 13.3 so it may be to low as i think the Ac300 needs 16amps to show a charge so if thats the case i may need to purchase the DC Charging Enhancer (D050S) but honestly i have no idea im guessing at the moment as far as the generator goes

  • As for the car no i didnt have it on other so im waiting on an MC4 extention cable to run from car to AC300 then i will try the charging again i think once that is done it should work fine

Thanks for taking the time to help

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I’m glad you confirmed that the solar charging will work, that’s always comforting.
Regarding the generator, you should just be able to plug the AC300 into it, but the AC300 will do it’s own checks on the voltage and frequency before trying to charge. It may be worthwhile to set the AC300 to use a lower charge rate, perhaps something like 10 amps, or even 5 amps just to see if it will work. And I believe that the AC300 will show a charge rate as low as around 50 watts, so definitely 1 amp charging should show on the display. The D050s is for DC charging support (solar, etc.), not for the AC charging from a generator, so you won’t have to buy that for this issue. You just need to make sure your generator is compatible. And that leads to a question that you maybe can answer. Your generator is listed as having a true sinewave output, but it is also an invertor generator? If it is not an inverter generator is may not have a sufficiently consistent output, especially the frequency, to charge the AC300. Using a lower charge rate might work though.

  • Solved the issue of phone not charging the case was still on the wifes phone so that was the problem and it charged fine
  • as for the generator i think it is just a pure sine generator as they do sell an nvertor generator, so i guess that it wont be able to charge it as i think i need a code form blueetti to be able to change the amps and they still havent responded to any email i have sent. But i will endovour to check it out even if i have to invest in an invertor genorator to charge it as well when there isnt ewnough solar to charge it but so ill see how it goes thanks again

Fantastic that the phone can charge wirelessly!
Regarding making the change to the charge rate, what I have heard is that with the newer AC300s you can reduce the charging rate without the code, but need the code to increase the charge rate. Give it a try and see if you can reduce it.