Charging PowerOak AC30 from AC200Max

We would like to (efficiently - so minimizing power loss) charge our PowerOak AC30 from our AC200Max.

Using the mains adaptor is very lossy. So clearly the way forwards is DC.

We tried this using a DC laptop adaptor with variable voltage, but the AC200Max reported an overcurrent. So presumably there’s a fundamental difference between how the laptop and the PowerOak AC30 draw power?

We’re quite happy to buy an adaptor, but don’t want to waste money on yet another that doesn’t work.

Can we do it from the 12v/10A cigarette lighter socket? And if so, what type of adaptor do we need?

I’ve tried 24 volts from my AC500 and it faults out similar to your AC200max even though it should work as it falls in the 15-25v input range of the AC30. I don’t have a DC answer.
For AC I’m using a Lenovo 20v 4.5a laptop charger which reduces the charging time by more than 50% but I don’t know if its anymore efficient than the stock charger.

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Hi @Poppy , The laptop adapter cannot be used as our adapter to charge. AC200Max cigarette lighter can be used to output to AC30 for charging

Thank you for responding.

What cable do I use to charge the AC30 via the cigarette lighter?

I tried using a standard cigarette lighter to 8mm DC cable - but the AC200Max showed that there was only 5w going out. (This is why I tried the laptop cable - with no luck).

Hi @Poppy , you can use this cigarette lighter charging cable.

This is the cable I initially used, but AC200Max reports that there was only 5w going out. So it would take 60 hours to charge the AC30 at this rate!!

I have 2 of these cables so I’ll try the other, and I’ll also check that AC200Max is reporting correctly.

I’ll post the outcome either way (in case others have the same problem) and will tag you if I need further help.

Thank you!

I think Bluetti Admin is referring to an AC50S and not the AC30 you have. At least that’s what the pictured power station looks like to me. My AC30 has a minimum input voltage of 15v so 12-13v won’t work.

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@bluetti - I think @eric102 is correct.

I should probably note at this point that we are using the UK version.

I have verified that the cigarette lighter cable is working correctly. I have managed to power a small 32watt pump from the AC200Max, using this cable.

However, when I use that cable to charge the AC30 the AC200Max claims that the AC30 is only drawing 5 watts.

As @eric102 points out above, the AC30 states on the casing that it requires between 15 and 25 volts at input. So whilst the port is capable of providing enough power, it’s not meeting the AC30’s minimum voltage requirements.

As far as I am aware, ALL of the DC outputs on the AC200Max are capped at 12v?

So, is what I’m hoping to achieve possible?

All that I can think of is some kind of adapter/transformer that can raise the voltage but cap the outgoing power at 60w (max that the AC30 can use). Is there anything available commercially? Or would I need to try and create my own custom cable / adaptor?

Any ideas or suggestions welcome!