Charging my new ac180 in my vehicle.

New to Bluetti and power banks. I’m wanting to charge my ac180 while driving or if need be parked at a campsite without power on a cloudy day so no solar panels. My Gladiator has a 12v port on dash or a 115v ac 400w plug in back. I’ve researched different forums and discussions and have come to the conclusion that I’ll need a pure sine inverter. Being that I have the ac180 what size inverter would I need? Also someone mentioned getting a neutral ground bonding plug and plug that into on of the ac ports then simply plugging ac charger into the truck ac outlet. Can someone please advise on proper setup as I want to get the most charge possible without damaging anything. Thanks in advance for instructions!

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Generally speaking, you can use the car charging cable that comes with the machine to charge AC180.
Can you tell me if your car charging port does not match the cable? It would be clearer to take a picture if it’s convenient. Also charging the machine car does not require grounding.

Your best bet would be to get a 2,000 watt pure sine wave inverter and connect it directly to your vehicle battery. Then change your charge setting in the app to std. to reduce the input watts to around 1,000 watts (50% of the max duty cycle of the inverter) and then only charge when your vehicle is running. Your truck outlet is underpowered to ac charge the 180 even if the plug is a pure sine wave inverter.