Charging multiple B300 batteries

4 B300 Batteries being charged 3 show charge and 1 shows standby. Why?

Hi @ShockerChan , Could you please provide a video or pictures when the B300s in charged? This will make it easier for us to find the problem quickly. Thank you very much for your cooperation and I look forward to your updates.

Why would you need a picture to understand my question. 4 B300 were connected. 3 showed charging 1 showed standby What would cause this? This morning I have 3 B300 batteries connected they have varying SOC 84%, 85%, 56%. They all indicate standby on the APP. Power is showing coming in from PV but all batteries show no charging. Why? why? why? why? why? why?

I now have 1 B300 connected and have PV input. It now shows that it is no longer in standby but now indicates charge. That still does not explain why when more then 1 B300 is connected they all say standby. Unless it has something to do with the B300 having different states of charge? Charging these one at a time absolutely does not work for me. My next question is do all 4 B300 charge at the same time or is the charging power directed to lowest SOC B300 or Highest SOC B300 or just some random amount here and there?

Hi @ShockerChan , thanks for your confirmation.

B300 is the same charge and discharge. When charging, the charging power to the low SOC battery is divided more, and the charging power to the high SOC battery is divided less.
Connecting one B300 means that the charging power is all given to this battery pack, which will show charging. Connecting three B300s means the charging power is distributed to three B300s, each battery pack gets less charging power and will show standby, but is still charging.
As long as there is PV charging power on the screen indicates that all are charging the battery pack.

Hope that the above explanation can help you :blush: