Charging Methods

Thinking about getting an AC50S to be a lightweight “house battery” on long road trips (not long-term van life). Two questions about recharging:

  • Is it possible to connect an AC50S to the car’s alternator, through an isolator, to charge while running? Any benefit to this over simply plugging in to the car’s 12v?

  • Is it possible to connect to 15 or 30 amp “shore power” while at a campsite?


There would be no benefit to connect to a car alternator rather and use the normal car charge cord unless you have the ability to boost the voltage to around 24 to 36 volts. The purpose of the included car charge cord is to charge the AC50S while the car is running. The 12 volt outlet socket you would use to connect the car charge cord is connected to the alternator through the battery. The car charger cord is item number 3 in the packed items list of the operators manual.

You can connect to shore power and use the included 110V AC charger to charge your AC50S when you have access to a 110 volt AC electrical supply. The AC charging adapter is item number 2 in the packed items list of the operators manual.

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