Charging from solar panel : Limitation

Is there any internal limitation on EB3A about Power input from solar panel ?
I noticed that i cannot get more than 150W displayed as input.
When i test with another POWERSTATION brand, it gives me 195W input !!

The EB3A has an 8 amp max input, so the maximum volts (VMP) your panel can produce governs the wattage input.

Volts times Amps equals Watts.

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Thank you for your answer. I know this formula, and that’s why i am wondering ?

My set is this one (parallel)
PV = 170w+170w=340W
VMP = 21.71V+21.71V=21.71v
ISC = 8.33A+8,33A=16,66A

So 21.7116.66 = 361.68 W
As Bluetti is limited to 8A, it gives 21.71

But the BLUETTI EB3A seems to be limited to 150W input
When i plug same set on another powerstation (another brand), i can get 195W input…

21.7 X 8 amps equals 173.6 watts, which is the maximum you will see from those panels under perfect conditions with the EB3A. 150 is excellent.

If your other power station has higher input amps it would also allow for more watts.

Check that you have charging set to Standard. Silent will sometimes lower the input.

Umm… I am impatient to have an answer from a Bluetti technician, because EB3A is given to 200W input from solar panel.
Yes. 150W is good already, but to reach this level, i had to “optimize” a lot.
One more 170W PV, repositionning of the PV with very accurates elevation and azimuth, and to increase the range of daily production, i followed the advice of one forum member : i put a capacitor on the cable.
Now, i can charge from 3W and even when it is low light : My charging period is from 6:30AM to 6PM (Thailand)


To get closer to 200 watts, you would need a panel with 25VMP provided the OCV/VOC is less than 28 volts. And again, you would need an efficient panel in perfect conditions. I get about 165 to 170 watts from 2 PV120 panels in parallel, which again, is the maximum I could hope to achieve from those panels in cool temperatures and excellent sun. When the temp increases, the voltage drops of course as the panels warm.

Did you check the charging mode?

I never use silent mode
It is very difficult to find the right solar panel (A/V/W).
I am curious to know how much people get with the Bluetti 200W solar panel.
You are right about temperature : If i spray some cool water on solar panels, it gets better immediately
During rainy season, i often gets better rate than in sunny season (Thailand)
Soon, i will make a test moving the panels on my second level terrace roof. Need to make a new cable
Thank you

I have the Bluetti PV120 panels and a Bluetti PV420. With the 120s, I have seen them produce as much as 140 watts individually in prime conditions. The PV420 also performs at or over its maximum wattage if the conditions are right. But even in less than perfect sun they all perform very efficiently, and in my opinion are worth the extra cost. I hear people tell me all the time that they bought a cheap panel but never get more than 50% of its rating.

Would you be able to share a link to that post @DenisTH? I’d be interested in that as well… :pray:

That’s good to know. I’ll keep it in mind @Erebus. Thank you.

The post is on this forum : EB3A Solar input not working
The author is sgreenshot

Thank you @DenisTH - good thread there it seems. I’ll take a deeper look.