Charging EB70S With A 12V Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery

Can I recharge my EB70S with a stand alone 12v Lithium Ion Phosphate battery. Where can I get a charge cable that supports this with the Red/Black Teeth grippers to the Battery post and a black cable with a barrel plugin to my EB70S. This is for a backup when the EB370S is very low on power and we have a home power outage, and No Solar connection due to heavy rain and No access to my car cig lighter dashboard connection. Thanks

Found someone named Mark Whois doing this and it works.
Ordered the two cables needed from Amazon. My 12v Litho Iron Phosphate Battery just showed up with my litho battery charging cable that plugs into my 110 outlet.

Good. It is nice to have back up. I built some LiFePo4 batteries to use as backup for me EB150s. It is a good feeling to know that you have extra backup. I hope it works well for you.