Charging EB70S from car at 200 watts?


I have two types of outlets in my 4Runner. One is a 12v DC, 100 watt cigarette socket. The second is an inverted 110v AC, 100 watt wall plug type. Is there any way get 200 watts from either of these to charge my EB70S?


No because neither output source is capable of outputting 200 watts. You cannot create more energy from nothing and the limit is currently 100 watts. You can connect directly from your vehicle battery connected to a 12 to 24 volt step up converter and then it will get you 200 watts. It will put approx 20 amps from your alternator and you need to insure you have sufficient capacity to do so. You could also connect a 500 watt AC inverter directly to your battery and use that to power your AC charging brick.

Got it, thanks Scott! Looks like I need to run a new wire. I think I will stick with DC, so will get a 12/24v step up converter. Do you think 16 or 18 gauge wire will be enough to run it 10 feet or so? Thanks again.

You will want to install the 12 to 24 volt step up converter as close to the battery as practical. The wire from the battery to the step up converter should be 8 to 10 ga. to carry a constant 20 amp load for several hours at a time. The wire from the step up converter to your EB70S could be 12 ga. since the voltage will be doubled and a thinner wire can be used.

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Terrific! Thanks for your guidance Scott.

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