charging eb70 with higher voltage panels using MPPT??

As title I’m trying to charge my eb70 with 37v panels via a MPPT or buck converter, anyone done this?

Since the EB70 can only take voltages up to 28V.

You should never going with a higher voltage that the Powerstaions MPPT can handle!

It will completly destroy the MPPT once you use it. The only option to use a panel which has a much more voltage that the EB70 can handle is to use a step down module. It takes that 37V and converts it to 28V for example.


Thanks. Yeah I’m aware I can’t connect them directly…which step-down converter though? Capable of handling the 37v (down to 28) and 16amps, perhaps with some over voltage protection on the output. I also read of someone using an external mppt but :man_shrugging:t3:

do not exceed 28v on EB70 if you are going to destroy it

Since the unit hasnt that big capacity i just would use the internal mppt.

There are thing like theese on amazon:

Where you can lower the output. But i dont would risk it.

I found this which fits the numbers i believe . . .ón-Converter/dp/B0BD4PCDRM?th=1

I"m just a bit unsure if it’s risky using a cheap device like this between my solar array and the Bluetti for fear of sending too higher voltage through and blowing it . . .

Perhaps I could also wire in some overvoltage protection after the dc converter?