Charging EB3A via solar seems to underperform

Hi everyone!

I am completely new to batteries and charging via solar panels. I recently purchased the EB3A together with this 200W solar panel.

Today was the first day which had perfect weather. At around noon I setup the solar panel at 45 degrees pointing to the sun etc and connected it to the battery. I tried to follow the instruction manuals as best as I could.

However, even though the panel is supposed to produce ~200W of output the battery would register only 59W. Once connected, the output would actually increase to somewhere in the early 100s. Occasionally I would hear a really really quiet humming sound coming from the battery once it reaches in the 100W+. And then each time it would fall back to 59W. I tried this a few times.

At first I assumed there must be an issue with the panel. However, if I partially fold the panel (eg. hide the left 2 squares) I would still get 59W from it on the battery screen. If I folded the right two squares I would also get 59W from it. This made me wonder if something is up with the battery instead?

I tried it both with the Eco on and off mode. It seemed like when I had Eco turned off it would get to higher values above 100W and stay there for longer before falling back to 59W. But eventually it would always fall back.

Wondering if I am doing something wrong or missing a step in the process?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

@bnedanov I apologized for the inconnvince. There is no connection between Eco mode and PV. It might be the solar panel problem. Please contact with service Department service@bluettipower.comto replace a new solar panel