Charging display only 001

All, when I charge the EB with my car, it only show 001W. I also get same with plug in a 100W solar panel. Is there a reset or firmware upgrade?


Very difficult to give an answer without knowing which model of “EB” and a picture of the main screen along with details of how you are connecting or setting up the unit.

Oops. EB55. Just connect a normal 100W Solar panel to the 12v MPPT charging port

Would have to see a pict of your complete connection setup and screen. Something is not making sense and with a little detail, perhaps an answer can be generated. A little detail like what specifically was occurring right before the problem presented itself? Something different plugged in with too high voltage??

Hi @timhosd ,Your feedback has been received, but the following questions need to be reconfirmed with you.

  1. You mentioned that the power is too low during car charging and PV charging, can you charge it normally with the adapter?
  2. What is the open circuit voltage of your 100W solar panel? Less than 12V will not be able to solar charge the EB55. It would be great if you could provide the solar panel parameter label.
  3. Can you take some pictures or a video to see the interface and screen display when car charging?

As @Scott-Benson said, the more detailed information you provide, the faster we can identify. Thank you very much for your cooperation :blush: