Charging current.

When will you update the app to allow you to change the charging current on a remote device?

APP team has received feedback from everyone on this claim. I will let you all know the good news if the input current can be adjusted in the APP at a later stage.

+1 I can’t wait for this feature, hope we get it soon, I#m using AC300. Thanks!

Currently, only the EP Home Storage series supports adjusting the input current through the app. The relevant department has discussed the possibility of implementing this feature for the AC300/AC500 series. If this feature is released, I will let you know!

Thanks! Especially interesting would be an Interface over MTTQ, so that the current can be dynamically adjusted by power meters like from Shelly. If there is enough PV Power flowing into the grid this can be programmed to charge the Bluetti Battery instead of selling it to the grid.