Charging car lead acid battery with AC200p

Is it possible to charge lead acid battery with AC200p. I have a 12v /battery cable with my Champion gas Generator and was wondering if that would work in the 12v/10a output on the AC200p. I see input directions but no output directions. Sorry I’m a little dense in this area. Tony

It should work as long as the current draw while battery charging does not exceed the 10 amp limit of the AC200 socket. If you overload the socket, you will get an error message. It is very important to get the positive and negative polarity correct though.

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Thanks Scott-Benson, would a stand alone battery draw more than the 10 amps output of the bluetti, and i would just check polarity with multi meter on 12v battery test and look for a positive number. And if I don’t have any meters how would i know when the battery is at a full state of charge as not to over charge. I bet i’m going to have to spend so more money out of my retirement fund to buy more stuff, thanks for all the help on unrelated solar endeavors. Tony

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The amount of amp draw on the battery would be dependant on the battery size and its state of charge. Jackery (on amazon) has a neat 12 volt battery charger that is intended to charge 12 volt batteries as you want to do. But…at $40 you can buy 10 amp battery charger and just plug it into the AC socket of the AC200 for less money.