Charging Car Battery with AC200P Bluetti

I’ve got a AC200P Bluetti in a Dodge Promaster campervan that I use for lighting, heating, fans, frig, etc in the van. I’ve wired in the van battery through a 12V to 24V converter to boost the charging power from +/-100 Watts to +/-200 Watts (it works well, though I use solar most of the time). We’re going to be off the grid in Alaska this summer, so I was thinking of creating a wiring harness to utilize the Bluetti to charge the car battery in case it went dead. My thought was to bypass the 12V to 24V converter, and run 12V DC from the Bluetti to the battery via the existing wiring, using the aviation plug hooked to the wiring (I’d have to unplug the aviation plug that serves my existing van uses during battery charging). My concern is what would regulate the amperage to the battery - it might pull a high charge and trip out the Bluetti.

I suppose if I wanted to play it safe, I could just use a store bought AC battery charger and plug it in to the Bluetti, but that would be much less efficient, cost more, and require more room in the van.

Thanks for any thoughts.

All great questions. I would consider a small inexpensive trickle charger rather than a full size battery charger. It sounds to me like you’re just looking for options in case you need them rather than want to try to jump a dead battery with your 200P. if you needed a jump I would go for one of those compact lithium polymer battery packs that are so popular right now for jumping dead batteries. They’re pretty small and don’t take up a lot of space.


Agreed. As an example, this is what we carry with us.