Charging B300 with PV350 without AC300?

I am still waiting for my AC300. Can I charge the B300 with my PV350 panel ?

Yes. The B300 has both an AC and a PV input port. For solar it will take 12 to 60 volts, up to 10 amps, per the manual.

The manual says 200watt max input for the B300 alone. The PV350 is higher…hence my question.

Ah. I forgot to mention that it can take up to 500 watts of solar when used with the D050S charging enhancer, and that connects to the AC power input port. Through the PV port you may be able to use it (it is between 12-60 volts) but you may be limited to 200W so it would be overkill for most situations.

I don’t have the D050s charging enhancer. My concern is too much input voltage from the PV350.

According to its user manual, the B300’s PV input can handle anything from 12 to 60 volts. The PV350 is 46.5 volts VOC so overvoltage should not be a problem. That is why I think it should work, but again without the enhancer you’d presumably get only 200 usable watts out of it.

Is 200 watts the max it allows through ? OR is 200 watts the maximum ALLOWABLE input voltage. I just want to charge this thing without waiting for the AC300 unit.

The maximum allowable voltage, per the manual, is 60. PV350 panels are rated at 46.5 VOC, so the battery won’t get fried by overvoltage.

Watts = volts * amps. You can input excess amps (and provide excess watts) as long as the voltage is NOT too high. Since the voltage is within range, it should not harm the unit at all. As long as the voltage is within spec, you can throw more watts than the charge controller will accept. So should be perfectly OK to use a 350 watt panel where the charge controller can only use 200 watts… again, as long as the volts are within the acceptable range. Just understand that you won’t see more than 200 watts of usable charge. People “overpanel” like this all the time, where an array provides more amps and watts than the charge controller can use – but not too many volts, ever.

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Same question - only with a B230?

I too am awaiting the delivery of my power station (AC200Max).

Sorry I’m advance, I have perused the owners manual, but currently I’m grilling polish sausage away from my home.

As far as I can see you need a D050S to use solar charging directly with the B230.

If you have that then you can get up to 500W into the battery as long as you don’t exceed 60V.

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Yes, I added one to my initial order just to be safe!


No problem. Enjoy your polish sausage :slight_smile:

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