Charging B300 with PV350 without AC300 additional questions

OK, I am new to this and have another couple of questions.

Page 11 of the B300 User’s Manual states that the maximum power of input is 200W.

Page 21 of the AC300 Owner’s manual states that the AC300+B300 can receive 1200W solar charging power of total PV input.

In my mind the B300 is the battery that stores watts (energy) and the AC300 takes the stored energy from the battery and converts/inverts the DC watts into AC power to use in a home. But it seems that if the PV350 is connected to the AC300 instead of the B300 that the B300 can receive 1200W rather than just 200W???

Also, besides using the AC300/B300 combination solely for when the grid does not function; I hope to use the "free’ solar power produced by the PV350 to reduce the monthly electric bill our house receives from the grid. I anticipate buying 2 B300s and having one B300 connected to the AC300 to run various household appliances AND having the other B300 being (re)charged from the PV350, or a series of PV350s. In this situation, i wonder how long it will take for a single PV350 to charge the standalone B300? For this question, let us assume that the hours being counted are only those that include the PV350 sitting in sunshine, on a clear day, tilted at the proper angle, with temperature being between 0 degrees C and 30 degrees C.

By using the AC300 and B300 to provide power beyond emergency situations i hope to get some payback from the units instead of merely using the units as insurance against a grid failure.

Finally, if there is a 200W limitation on charging the B300 as a standalone, does the B300S overcome that limitation? If I understand the specs correctly, it seems that the B300S has a 500W limitation regarding solar input, rather than the mere 200W with a B300.

Hi @Mikey , After disconnecting from the AC300, the B300 can only accept 200W max solar input.
If you want to calculate the time required for PV350 to charge B300, we can give you the calculation formula. But we can’t give you a reference value (because the solar conversion rate varies by region and weather)

Charging time = Battery capacity / actual solar input power + (0.5-1)
Solar actual input power = Solar panel power * conversion rate

Yes, the solar input power of B300S is up to 500W. Based on the new iteration of the product, we recommend you to buy AC500+B300S combination (please note that B300S only matches with AC500)

First admission of AC500 not being compatible with B300 -“B300S only matches with AC500”!! Notice the terminology -“matches” instead of saying compatibility and the fact of needing a separate paid for cable only available through Indiegogo at the present time (P150D to P090D adapter cable)!!!I really hope Bluetti gets some “flack” over this verbiage - as it is totally misleading/false! Bought AC500’s thinking I could just plug my B300’s into the AC500’s!!! Then after some back and forth with Bluetti and Indiegogo I find out what “compatible” means to them! NOT the same as my definition!!! Their definition involves spending more money on something I shouldn’t have too!!!:disappointed::-1:t4::tired_face:

Excuse my ignorance DuAlac22, but are you saying that a B300S will work with an AC300?

And that a PV350 will be able to charge a standalone B300S using somewhat close to 350W (on a perfect sunny day)?