Charging B300 with AC adapter

I purchased the T500 AC adapter so I could charge the B300 batteries up from my house. Per the manual (see pic below), it said to connect the lower input port - tried that, and absolutely nothing happens, no lights going on the battery (light & fan on the adapter), no change in charge after several hours. I then tried the upper DC input port with the adapter that came with the T500, and the light on one battery started blinking (the other did nothing, so I’m starting so suspect that one is DOA). We’re waiting to see if it’s actually getting charged or not, but in the mean time, any ideas what I might be doing wrong? We still don’t have the generator part yet, so trying to get a jump on figuring out various options for charging!

Update - no change in charge with the upper dc input connection either. What am I doing wrong?!?

Sounds like you have either a bad battery or bad charger. Have you tried the 12v car charging cable to see if the battery will charge that way?

Hi @avlena,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Could you please try to recharge the B300 with car charge or the solar panels? If the B300 can be recharged by them, the problem may be the adapter.

We don’t have the connector for the car charging, but will be trying out solar panels tomorrow I hope!

Update - we still haven’t had the chance to try it with the solar panels yet, but had some progress which indicates the adaptor IS working, and there’s some issues on the batteries.

  • Battery1 - neither input works, no lights at all, suspecting the battery is DOA.
  • Battery2 - bottom input does nothing, top input turns on the battery, but does not appear to charge at all (no flashing lights on the battery, saw no change after it was plugged in for several hours)
  • Battery3 - the bottom input works and successfully charges. Not sure about the top input (doesn’t do anything now, but it’s 100% charged, so wouldn’t expect it to)
  • Battery4 - bottom input does nothing, upper DC input appears to be charging.

For anyone else trying out the T500 - when it starts the charge (about 10 seconds after it’s been plugged into the B300), the light on the adaptor goes from green to red, and the battery turns on, and it starts flashing lights to indicate the % of charge on the front of the B300.

I’m concerned that 4 batteries have had such a wide variety of quality issues. Waiting for our AC300 to arrive (FedEx now says tomorrow), so will then see if there’s any other issues.

Hi there,

You can double check after the AC300 arrives. Please rest assure that we will provide you the best solution if the B300 can not work.


FYI, I’ve finished testing with the AC300, and have emailed customer service ( & with the specific issues to try to get them resolved. :slight_smile: will post back any helpful feedback here to close the loop! Thanks!

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