Charging B230 with solar

Have three 100w panels (VMP 18.6V VOC22.8v each) connected to D050S then AC input on B230. Light on D050s keeps alternating between green and red. Does this indicate a malfunction or is this normal. No watt indicator on B230 to see if it is charging. Thanks for the help.

Eliminated one panel. Now percent charged indicator lights on B230 are blinking as if charging. Indicator light on D050 is red. Charging time will be lengthy. Limited options with the B230. Bought the B230 to compliment AC200P. Cost of B230 and required adaptors, should have just bought another AC200P and had better options.

Let the three panels get hot before plugging all of them in the D050S. In my case I have three 200w panels rated at 24voc 20vmp and they work fine when hot but I can only use two for about the first 15-30 minutes when cool.

Your voltage of the three panels exceeds the input limit of the DO50S. Cover one panel with a towel when starting and after charging begins to register for about 10 seconds, uncover the panel the towel is on.

Thanks for the info. Switched back to three panels and it worked for two hours then quit charging. Switched back to two panels and no blinking lights indicating charging. No sun today. Will test panels when sun comes back.