Charging and Discharging Rates with AC300 with B300 Batteries

On the display screen, what is the maximum charge (100%?) and minimum charge (0%?) for the B300 batteries (used with an AC300)??? Should I stop at 90% & 10%, respectively? Do not want to harm batteries. Thanks!

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I have two sets of AC300 units with three B300 each since April, yet I have charged the batteries up to 100% and discharged down to 0% several times, and there has been no harm to them. The B300 units have an excellent built in BMS to protect the cells and its firmware may be coded to represent 100% and 0% to the users yet maintain a buffer at both extremes to prevent damage.

I trust Bluetti’s engineering teams as they have years of experience with older models. I recommend trusting them, too.


Hi @jtdavis , Please rest assured that normal use will not cause damage to the battery. It is recommended to fully charge and discharge. You can also refer to the advice of @Raymondjram

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One more question/clarification: Do I have to monitor the display so that when 100% charge or 0% discharge is first realized I have to turn it off immediately, OR can I let it be that way for a period of time? (Does the system turn itself off at those two points, so I don’t have to hover over the display?). Thanks!


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The internal BMS will stop current flow when the battery reaches 100%. No damage will happen. But it may turn itself off after reaching 0% since it has no more energy to supply, and it does consume some energy internally.