Charging an Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with AC200P

A friend on mine has a Mitsubisihi Outlander PHEV and wants to charge it with his AC200P.

An error code is coming up on the car charger with the charger light and fault light blinking at the same time.

I seem to remember another thread about this with a Tesla and the issue was something about grounding maybe?

Can anyone offer any insight as to how to charge the Outlander with the AC200P?

Thank you in advance.

Yep, I had a ground sensing issue when using a Tesla charger as I t needs to sense that the neutral is grounded. The solution was to bond the normally floating neutral and ground in the BLUETTI.
I was doing this by using a plug into one of the Ac200 receptacles. The plug just had a jumper between neutral and Ground. You can buy a plug at any hardware store and then just add a small jumper.

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Yes, I can attest to the same issue and solution with the Tesla charger. You need to connect the neutral and ground together.

Note that the AC200P wont charge an EV very much… At 2kwh capacity, you would probably get 1.5kwh into your EV battery after conversion and charging losses. May work in a limited emergency where you need a few km of range, but it probably won’t get you more than a few blocks.

Thank you both for the information.

I’m pretty sure he is going to charge it in his driveway during the day with his SP200’s connected to the AC200P. So it really won’t run out of charge, unless of course it is a cloudy day!

Did you plug the adapter into the receptical and just use the other one ?Or did you plug the adapter in and use the same cable ? Cheers Rob

Hi, adapter plugged in separately.