charging an AC300 with connected AC solarpower to the breakerboard

I live in a rented place with solar panels on my roof (about 1000Watt) but they have installed micro inverters. So my solar panels feeds AC current directly into my breaker board. When i connect my AC300 to my breaker board and turn it on it will disconnect in about 100 sec. with a -011 H-bus to high- error. When i disconnect my solar there is no problem.
Is there a solution in which i can have my solar panels feed in AC current on the same circuit where also my AC 300 is being used?
the AC300 is on the same one phase circuit as my AC current solar panels.
Would be great to have also use of my solar power when the grid is down.
There is no possible way to change my solar to DC output.
appreciate any possible solution.

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I have the same problem when I feed power from the balcony power station into the same circuit as the AC output of the AC300 and the power fed in is higher than the consumption. As long as this is lower, nothing happens.
I am also looking for a solution.
Das gleiche Problem habe ich auch wenn ich vom Balkonkraftwerk in den gleichen Stromkreis wie des AC-Ausgangs des AC300 einspeise und die eingespeiste Leistung höher ist als der Verbrauch. Solange diese niedriger ist, passiert nichts.
Ich suche auch eine Lösung.

Hi Akel, I discovered this
I did select in the settings menu 240Volt instead of the usual 230V (For mainland EU)
then i started my solar input. And the AC300 stays on. No error (011 H bus high)
But now i have a 057 Voltage high error, but this does not turn the AC output off, so the AC300 keeps working! After a few minutes i turned the AC input off and changed the output Voltage back to 230V and the solar is working still. Although I am getting every 2 seconds that 057 voltage high error but this doe not seems to affect the AC output from the AC300. I did measure the output Voltage on one of the Schuko contacts it stays between 230 and 244 Volts. So this seems to be working… But only testing for 45 minutes now. But it does not seems to charge the B300 with the AC input cord connected to a power outlet. It shows 0 Watt… If you want to test this it´s on your own risk of-course! The max voltage in (NL by law) is 230V plus or minus 10% so 207V to 253V the AC300 must accept this voltage i think.
At this very moment using less Watt´s that my PV is producing.


Thanks for the idea, but I see a list of 220V, 230V and 240V in the AC300 settings, but the default setting of 230V cannot be changed.
I’m also can’t change the frequency.

Did you first turn off the AC and DC output, before changing the Voltage setting ? Not turning the ac300 completely off, but only the AC and DC power output turned off, then i could change the voltage to 240Volt. I just tested it for a second time and it still works. When you are in the voltage settings menu tap in the right side column on the voltage 240V not the left column (tap on the number; 240V)
I did not update the software, when i bought the system.
Do NOT change the Hz frequency it will ruin all your electronics!!


thanks for the information.
I have test it today with 240V but it comes 057 Error overvoltage and AC300 AC out goes off.
It doesn’t work again at me.

Regards, Joachim

can you help at this problem?

Hi Joachim, i few day´s ago i had the opportunity to really measure the solar input compared to the output of the Bluetti. I was wrong thinking that the AC300 was accepting a higher solar output current. After measuring with professional equipment the AC300 is not accepting a higher input current then it puts out. Thus the solar input current must stay under the output current from the AC300, to be working.

(this is about my solar array that feeds AC current to my home) This has no impact on the usual connection between a dc solar array and the AC300)

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