Charging AC300 from AC200P and vice versa

I have 2 separate systems.

  • AC300+4X B300+2400W solar panel
  • AC200P+1200W panel+510W panel through an D050S enhancer.

Sometimes the Ac200P is at fully charged while I use about 2500W continously from AC300.
In this case the AC300 discharging while the small one is idle at fully charged.(and wasting more than 1kW sunlight)

I tried to charging the AC300 from the Ac200P with the AC cable, but the relay is ticking and make errors at both unit.(high voltage, freq. problem, its random)

Is there any way to charging the Ac300 from the ac200p?

Hi @SimonTower , AC200P can charge AC300.
Reduce the AC300 charging current will be fine. And don’t carry too much load, or the AC300 will pull the AC200P voltage down and cause problems with the relay.
Hope this helps you.

Thanks for reply!

I think I have a software bug or a hardware issue at AC300.
I tried 1-3-5-7A (230V), tried at wall too, and it’s random.
Sometimes clicking continously without charging(after couple of clicks the Ac200P made a Bus overvoltage error), sometimes started and charging without any issue.
The most interesting thing if I try to charge with 10A at wall, everything is fine.

Hi @SimonTower , When charging AC300 with AC200P, the AC300 output voltage and output frequency settings do not match those of AC200P.
Need to set the AC200P and AC300 output voltage and output frequency the same. I have a video of the operation of the engineers in the laboratory, you can click to see.

Hope it will help.