Charging AC300 and B300 at the same time wit hSolar

So the AC300 accepts 2 MPPT input up to 1200W each (2400W total). And the B300 can also accept up to 200W of solar input on its MPPT input. Have anyone tried to to plug 3 strings of panels into the combination? So we are charging the AC300 on its 2 MPPT input, while also charging the B300 on its single solar input?

Does that work? Will it allow the AC300 + B300 combo to charge at 2600W in total?

I have a situation where I am not maxed out on power, but on current. I have 7, 41Voc 8A panels, but for reasons too long to explain here (I’ll if someone care to know) I cannot hook up in series. So I will have 3 panels in parallel per AC300 input, and plan to put the 7th panel into the B300. The AC300 input will max out at 12A giving it around 480w x 2 = 960W. I was hopping to plug a single panel into the B300 to give it another 200W of solar charging.

Does that work?
If it does, what the the display and the app say? How does it show the separate input of the B300?

It will work. I have a similar setup, charging my two AC300 PV inputs with 800 W each, and I added 200 W of smaller panels directly to one of my B300 batteries. The AC300 or the app cannot see the B300 inputs or outputs so it can only see its SOC (state of charge). This is due to the B300’s own internal BMS and its input and output regulators, which Bluetti added so the B300 can act as a standalone power source, making its battery superior to other brands.

As long as the external PV source does not exceed the B300 voltage limits, you can add more PV inputs to every B300 to improve its SOC.

Excellent. So the AC300/App will only report the input out rate of the AC300, anything added directly to the B300 won’t be visible, but the SOC of the B300 will go up faster than expected.
Will this mess up battery % calibration? I hope they are not just counting charge in/out of the AC300 to estimate % charged for the B300, but instead the % capacity is computed by the B300 itself monitoring it’s own voltage, charge in/out and just reported to the AC300.

It did not “mess up” my battery % calibration. Remember that the charge percentage is calculated and reported by the B300 ( this is also why it has indicator lights on its front).