Charging ac200p with 1 single panel

Iv’e been researching panels to charge AC200P. Can’t seem to find a panel that will accomplish this task by itself. I don’t want more than 1 panel. Are there any options out there. I’m very new to solar. My rockpals in series are working great, and The AC200P has been preforming wonderfully with coffee, toast , charging my eco batteries , etc. Just hoping I could find a single panel to set outside that would produce enough voltage. Thanks for any ideas.

Found this. would something like this work, Panasonic VBHN325SA17 HIT 325W Solar Panel

How can you tell if these larger panels are compatible with the AC200p. Is the AC200p a 12v system or can it take 24v panels since it has a mppt ?

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I just looked at the specs for this panel and Open Circuit voltage is 69.6 which is between 35-150. Max power current is 5.65 amps and AC200P will limit current to no more than 12 amps, even if the panels could provide more than 12 amps. MC4 connectors so it will plug into AC200P so no additional adapters. So one panel should work fine.


The AC200 will accept solar panel voltage from 25 to 150 volts. It can be a single panel or combination of panels as long as the voltage of all panels added together do not exceed 150 volts. The AC200 is actually a 58 volt system and contains an MPPT.

Not sure why you want a single large panel, but if the specs I found on the Panasonic 325 panel are correct, it has an open circuit voltage of 69.6 and a voltage under max load of 57.6. If those are the specs for the panel you are asking about you should be able to run a single of that Panasonic panel or a pair of them connected in series if desired.

Keep in mind that you will not see a charge rate of the full 325 watts. You should expect to ree around 250 to 275 watts in good sun with properly aligned panels.


Thanks guys. I would be using this panel to top off my generator. I live in a townhome community and can’t have any permanent set up. Something I could just grab and lean up against the garage door when the suns out. To much set up time for the rockpals. Just being lazy, and it takes time away from filling my bird feeders.

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I think you are going to find that one single panel heavy and bulky to keep pulling in and out of the garage. Being able to aim the panel directly at the sun and having the angle correct is huge with getting the maximum wattage during your charging times. Since this will only be a portable set up I think this would be even more important.

The built in kickstands are very easy to deploy on the soft panels and much easier to store. My first panels were a pair of rigid Renogy solar suitcase units with built in solid kickstands. They both worked very well, but I stopped using them because of their thickness and weight compared with the soft folding panels. If you are set on large rigid panels, Renogy makes 200 watt suitcase solid folding panels with metal angle supports in an all in one unit. Unless you have a good way to support and angle the panels as well as moving them easily to match the changing sun, I think you may be less than satisfied with a solid panel.

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Your probably right. This free energy is starting to take alot of energy. But it sure is fun to watch those watts come in


Renogy 200w suitcase looks good. Open circuit voltage is listed as 21.8. I assume that’s not enough for the ac200p. I wonder if it’s possible to rewire the two halves to put them in series and double that, or if they’re already in series and I’d need two suitcases.

As long as you are capable of re-wiring the panels you have to series, I think that would work fine as long as they can maintain a 35 vdc minimum. However 200 watts (more like 160 real world) is not much wattage to charge and AC200. I think you would be much happier to increase your solar panel wattage.

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Interestingly, the FAQ in Amazon (I assume provided by Bluetti) says “3pcs BLUETTI 120W solar panels can quickly charge the BLUETTI AC200P within 7.5-8 hours by connecting them in series.”

3? Really?

That would be (3) of the Bluetti 120 watt panels producing a real world best cast of 95 watts each giving you a perfect day charge rate of 285 watts. If you had 8 hours of great sun it would be doable. That is assuming you are at 0 percent state of charge which will not be an everyday scenario either. Really

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Yes absolutely, free energy is always welcome.

Can you help me. My 200p showes no charge with one BLUETTI 120 panel. Have in pv mode. Can’t get a hold of BLUETTI at all. 75 and leaving for wilderness for5 month of grid. Everything is centered on the 200p. Any idea :bulb: Jim Lovel

Not just an idea but the answer…You need a minimum of two of the Bluetti solar panels for charging to begin. The incoming charge voltage minimum for the AC200 is 35 volts. A single panel will supply up to approx 19 volts which is below the minimum for charging to occur.

Only very large higher wattage panels will supply 35+ volts from a single panel. If you are going to be off grid and centered on the 200P, I think you will be much better served by obtaining additional panels to give you a reasonable charging wattage. Even if a single panel worked it would require over 20 hours of perfect sunlight to charge the unit. You need to get sufficient panels to get your solar charging to occur in around 5 to 6 hours unless your electrical needs will be much less daily than the AC200P can provide.

In my opinion (4) panels would be a minimum to be able to recharge the unit daily and that does not take into account any power draws during the daylight hours you may have.

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Thank you for your response, I was getting worried that no one lived there anymore. my next question is this, I have a Jacker 100w portable solar panel. I have the adapter to go from 8mm to MC4 connector. Do you see any problem if I added this panel in series with with Blueitt 120w solar panel?

No problem doing it but it will operate both panels at the amperage of the lowest amp panel. Should run about the same as two jackery 100 watt panels and you will prob see 150 to 160 watts in excellent sun conditions


Thanks, I am new to solar :grinning:

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In my opinion **(4) panels** would be a minimum to be able to recharge the unit daily and that does not take into account any power draws during the daylight hours you may have.

Really? The newest panel 200W-rated is $550 [@ over $2.75 per watt; real-world 160W is $3.40/W]— and you suggest 4 panels? Yes, 4 panels would get you 700+W in, bbbut, $2200? YOIKES!
I like my Bluetti, but —-dayum. I’ll run the alternators


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