Charging AC200P by led lamp power supply

Is it possible to limit current/power while charging from PV?
Actually, I don’t have any solar batteries, but their role is played by the 48V/10A power supply. The issue is that the latter is of poor quality and it’s not capable to work on its maximum power for a long time.
However, if it were possible to limit the current not to 10A (actually even 12A, but the MMPT reacts to a voltage drop), but to say 8A, I would be quite satisfied. Maybe there is some easy way to do this? Please do not blame me for such experiments, we have winter and war here, and only 3 hours to charge from a wall outlet, which is impossible with a standard power supply, that is, unfortunately, 400W; and I have to wait a month for an additional unit but need a solution right now.

If you set the device to Car mode instead of solar then it should limit the input to 10A I think.

This is so it does not blow the fuse in the car when it charges there.

Otherwise on solar mode I think the MPTT tries to maximize current draw at all times

Thank you, but as I wrote car mode is not an option, I’m using it but the maximum current is 8.5A. i.e. 100W (200W for 24A). Then there is a gap between car mode 24V/8.5A and PV mode 36+V/12A

You cannot limit the MPTT controller as the whole idea is that it should draw the maximum current that it can.

You can get a D050S DC charge enhancer however it will end up plugged into the AC charger outlet on the AC200MAX. This will take in 10A max @ 48V should give you 480W.

If you want to limit the current you have to do it before you send it to the Bluetti and not to use the MPTT controller.