Charging AC200P and B230

So we have multiple AC200P units, and they are a little short on power storage for what we need. I would actually happier with a smaller inverter, but bigger battery for run time.

So - does anyone know if it’s going to be possible to:

 Connect a B230 to the AC200P - AND charge them both thru solar connected to the 
 AC200P?  Or how does the B230 get charged when connected to the AC200P?

I need something i can set up for continuous off grid usage. Is this going to be possible, or am I going to be looking at another unit? I really only would need a 1500 watt inverter, but 3000 Wh storage is minimum. And it’s needs to be “set up and leave it”, not swapping cords daily.

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The B230 only gets charged as a stand alone unit. The power flows from the B230 to the AC200P

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That’s a bummer. This unit is just too short on storage for what i need. It’s an OK back up, but looks like I’ll have to buy a different unit.

We bought three AC200P’s, just recently. One single AC200 MAX with one B230 would have done the job better. Guess I should have waited.

@markieboy711 Hi there,

Solar panels, AC wall outlet, AC+PV, and dual AC adapters can charge B230. T500 adapter can charge B230 when it connected to the AC200P.
It all depends. Please read the manual page 6 to 8.


Thank you for the link. I do have a little hope I may be able to get it to work. It will probably be hard to see how until some units get sent out for Youtube reviews - one to Will Prowse for sure please!

Right now I can charge one AC200P with the other using the AC charging adapter. That in itself would work great except the fan runs all the time on the adapter even when both units hit 100% charge. If the adapter turned off and the fan turned off it wouldn’t be a bad set up.

Is this similar to how the B230 will connect? It’s probably hard to describe, so I can wait until some units go out for Youtube revew.


Why would the adapter fan need to run when all devices at 100% charge, I find that disconcerting.

It only has to run when temperatures elevate past the desired maximum. But…the adapter does not have a thermostat to cycle the fan off and on so it runs at all times it is plugged in.

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