Charging AC200MAX with single B230 stuck at 99%

When charging the AC200MAX with a T500 charger (connected to std DC input for charger) with a single B230 attached, the B230 gets stuck at 99%. The MAX was 100%, but even after an additional 30 minutes, the B230 was still reporting 99%. The charger was continued showing “red” to indicate a charge and the MAX said ~463W inbound. MAX was showing “standby” and the B230 in “charge” state. I then disconnected the T500 charger from the MAX and instantly the B230 reported 100%.

Is this a known issue? Looks like I can’t rely on the charger pack turning “green” to indicate the charge is complete and instead need wake the screen or use bluetooth app to check if the B230 is stuck at 99%?

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Currently my max is stuck at 99% imma give it 30 more min

@bluemancrew Please check if you can charge B230 via solar panels to 100%. If yes, the T500 may have a problem. You can contact support to change it.

False alarm I think - all appears well now.

I discharged both (MAX+B230) and charged them back up using two T500s connected directly to the MAX. Both devices reached 100% and both chargers went green.

@bluemancrew Thanks for your update.