Charging AC200MAX + B300 with three or four T500 chargers

Hi everyone,

Would it be possible to charge a system of AC200MAX + B300 with three or four T500 AC adapters? As I understand, I can connect two T500 adapters to AC200MAX (one to its AC charging port, the other to its DC charging port via a DC7909 - XT90 adapter cable) to get 1000 W of charging for the entire system. However, it seems that B300 also has AC and DC charging ports. Can I connect the third and the fourth T500 adapters to B300 itself, while keeping it connected to AC200MAX, in order to charge the whole system with 2000 W of grid power?

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Hi @elonmusk , Three T500 can be used, two connected to the AC200MAX, one connected to the B300, B300 PV input power of the maximum only 200W, there is no need to connect.


Thanks for the response! So, it means max 1500 W of AC charging using three adapters.

Is T500 included with B300, or do I need to buy it separately?

T500 does not come with B300, needs to be purchased separately.

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