Charging AC200MAX + B230 with two T500 chargers

Hi community,
I have a new AC200MAX and B230 system and 2 T500 chargers. I have connected a T500 to each device with the P90A cable connected and both chargers seemed to contribute to the charging of the “system”. Is this a valid charging configuration or would it be better to disconnect the P90A cable and charge each device independently?

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Hi - I have the same set up as you and use both of my 2 T500 chargers attached to the main AC200 Max unit to charge both it and the attached b230 battery - One T500 attached to the regular charge port and the second attached with the adaptor to the aviation style input. Works fines and i dont think charging each one individually would make any difference.

Hi Woody715, Thanks for replying to my post and sharing the charging method you described. I haven’t tried that one yet. Bluetti service replied to my direct email after I made this post but it wasn’t a very technical response. Basically, either way was fine. I guess I’ll have to time each method on my own to see if there’s a difference.

Hi @NMDMcG61 ,
We have asked the engineers for your based on your question. They replied that it is no need to disconnect the battery connection cable.

@BLUETTI I have a similar question along the same line. I have a 200MAX and B230 that I use daily as an off-grid system. I have two solar strings going into the 200MAX (one through the solar input and the second through the charging port via a D050S. I am interested in connecting a second D050S and third string directly into the B230. Will this cause issues with balancing the charge/discharge of the two battery packs?

@CarlosSpicyWeiner Yes, you can use D050S and charge B230 through PV, and both battery packs can be charged and discharged at the same time.

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