Charging AC200L with gas generator

Hello All,

I have an AC200L and 2 B300’s. I have been charging them using a Westinghouse gas generator with 3600W / 4650W peak output. When all 3 units are connected together in series using the large supplied cables, they all charge simultaneously through the AC200L.

I was having problems (and still am) when I try to charge all 3 units through the AC200L. The AC200L will routinely shut off charging, then restart charging, and so on, and the units never effectively charge. Support suggested using the GRID adaptation setting and updating my firmware. I did both and still have the same issue.

Is anyone else out there having success using gas generators to charge their system(s)?

What I have been doing in the meantime is charging the AC200L first while disconnected from the B300’s which generally works well charging at a rate of about 1200W. Once that unit is fully charged, I disconnect it from the generator and use the 2 T500 charger adapters I purchased and then charge both B300 units simultaneously, also while all 3 units are disconnected from each other.

With a 3600W generator output, I should be able to charge the AC200L and the B300’s simultaneously. AC200L (1200W), and 2x B300 (500W each) for a total of 2200W with 1200W of power to spare for other small wattage applicances like a fan, computers, etc.

My guess is the GRID adaptation is limited in its ability to steady the supply, and is not cleaning up the signal enough to prevent the charging cycling on and off. Does anyone know of a third party voltage / current regulator that would possibly resolve this issue?

@JimD Normally, the output voltage of a gas generator is not as stable as the grid voltage, but fluctuates within a certain range. Especially when the output current is relatively large, the output voltage will drop significantly. In this case, the AC200L will determine that the input voltage does not meet its range and stop the input. Then, the output voltage of the gas generator will slowly return to the normal level, and the AC200L will start charging again, thus forming a cycle. So, why can it charge normally when the input current is reduced? That’s because when the output current of the diesel generator is relatively small, it has little impact on its output voltage, so it can continue to charge the AC200L. I’m sorry that we don’t have further advice for this situation right now.

If I had this issue, I would probably first try charging all 3 units via the AC200L. Set the input current to 15 amps to get 1800 watts charging, or 18 amps to get 2200 watts charging, to start with. Leave the B300’s connected and see if the AC200L will be happy enough with your generator’s output. Don’t forget to try the grid adaptation mode with that as well. That will give you the same charging capacity as you get when plugging in everything separately, but you don’t have to disconnect everything.

However, that may not work if the generator’s output is not regulated well. If that cannot work, then try reducing the AC200L charge rate to about 5 amps, or 600 watts, AND use the T500 adapters on the B300’s, while everything is still connected. A bunch of the AC200L’s charge current will go to the batteries, I assume, so the AC200L will get charged last, but again, you get the charging done without having to disconnect everything.

By trying different options I hope you can find one that will work for what you need.

Thanks for the tip. As it turns out, the output on my generator is a bit noisy, and I didn’t realize it until just today when support noted that they tested gas generators with the AC200L + B300’s with a larger, well regulated output current / voltage that is designed for sensitive electronic equipment.

I bought the generator I have now for power tools and lighting while my house is under renovation and being rewired. When I bought the Bluletti backup system, I didn’t realize what type of generator and power level would make the most sense for my setup.

I suggested to support that they publish stats or maybe even recommended manufacturers of what is the proper gas charger. I have a new one on order. I went through a lot of trial and error, frustration, and confusion until I got the info I needed. Hopefully Bluletti will do better on making sure that future customers know the exact requirements if using gas generators.

As for gas generators, “Inverter” models have pure sign wave outputs for sensitive electronics. Power tools will also run better and cooler.
I assume there’s some reason you’re not recharging with solar panels. You don’t have to put them on the roof, all mine are in my backyard. They can charge the AC200 while you’re using it.

Thanks, I’m learning. Got a new cleaner, more powerful generator on the way. Not enough panels to recharge my AC200L + 2x B300’s in a reasonable amount of time.

I have 3 200W PV panels, plan on setting those up on a light-tracking gimbal in the future. Too much running in and out to keep up with the sun anyway for now.