Charging AC180 with older power brick or T400/500

I have a new AC180 that I will be using with my Jeep Gladiator. The Jeep has a 15VAC (400W) plug in the back seat, but I have heard I cannot simply plug in the provided AC adapter and “fast” charge since the Jeep’s inverter does not produce a pure sine wave. The result is the charging power drops to 100W. I have heard this charging can be doubled by using one of the older AC to DC power bricks (like what was is included with the EB70S). Can someone confirm this? If this is the case, can any other Bluetti AC to DC power adapters also be used, like a T400 or T500? Being able to charge at 400W while driving on the road would be fantastic, but to be honest I’d be happy with 200W (which would cut the recharge time in half vs using the “cigarette lighter” DC adapter). My Jeep comes with a 240A alternator, so it can certainly handle either 200W or 400W of charging. Thanks for any feedback, or other clever options to improve charging power. I also purchased a PV350 solar panel, but I’d like a means to charge the AC180 while on the road, at greater than 100W.

Correction, I meant to type 115VAC (400W) plug and not 15VAC (400W) plug.

@lwhisenand After confirming with the technical engineer, T400/500 can charge AC180.